It is quite an honor to be named the Lead Sports Massage Therapist of the Columbus Crew SC.  Three days a week I am working with the Head Athletic Trainer Craig Devine and Jon MacGregor to maximize the performance and recovery of the veterans on the team.

Massage, strength training, contrast tubs, ice, and corrective exercises are all critical to each players development.  I focus in Sports Massage aspect coming off the field from training.  The massage helps to break up forming scar tissue, where tension resides from repetitive strain, breaking up knots, releasing trigger points, applying modified versions of Active Release Technique, Orthobionomy, active and passive stretches and range of motion, stripping of muscles, and the list goes on.

It all helps to increase their recovery rate, reduce and prevent injury, and maximize performance.  Massage is one reason professional athletes can play at the level they do.

When not with the team, I focus on pouring into Massage Therapists within our Grandview Heights location.  Voted Best Sports Massage Therapist in Columbus, I mentor therapists with my techniques to help them to reach their full potential as a therapist, and making more opportunities for massage-seekers to find more gifted therapists.

I strive to help athletes reach their full potential as I strive to help therapists reach their full potential.  After people expressing how long it took them to find a good massage therapist, I realized it was time to take the next step and begin mentoring quality therapists with my techniques.

Please feel free to check our our 5-star reviews and schedule your massage!

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