My Story

After crushing both of my ankles while on a professional snowboard tour, I began blogging through my healing process.  I made the choice that day to not feel sorry for myself, and ask God to show me how I could use this situation for good, so I began my fitness journey while in that wheelchair.

Months after learning how to walk again, I placed in the top five of one of the largest bodybuilding competitions in the world… and just kept going.  If God can use anything in my life to spark curiosity in yours, then I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I write about my personal life, heart ache, facing fear,  prayers, fitness, competing, work out tips, and meal plans.

My official page for my fitness programs or massages is found at

Thank you for visiting, and make the most of today!

Be Great,




2 thoughts on “My Story

    1. Thank you Bill!! Means alot coming from you. You inspire the world as you have accepted your ALS, yet live with so much hope that speaks life and courage beyond words to us all.

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