That Faith Thing: It’s More than just Words and I Want to Live It.

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Designed by to raise awareness and bring an end to child sex trafficking. Check out their products and support such a great company!


With the Arnold Classic going on this weekend, I needed to wear my beloved tee shirt to raise awareness against child sex trafficking.  Specially designed by when I competed in the Arnold myself.

I love that shirt, and designed it for free out of their awesome hearts in the cause to raise awareness while I competed at the Arnold. A company worth supporting.

Large events like the Arnold, Superbowl, and the PGA Tour means alot of people in one place with alot of money which increases the demands of human trafficking.  While I’ve heard the argument that woman can do what they damn well please with their bodies, it’s the demand for this industry that drives predators to find even younger and more innocent victims to traumatize, to keep up with such demands.

Devastating that the average age in the United States to be trafficked is about twelve years old and as young as four.  If that doesn’t break your heart……

I wanted to help awareness to why this wasn’t ok and never will be ok, so when I attempted my first professional snowboarding tour, I carried the name love146 to work towards an end to child sex trafficking. It was on that tour where I made a huge mistake when I left my boots untied before sailing through the air for 80 feet; crushing and snapping both ankles.

My brother pushing me in the wheelchair.  Blurry, but one of the only photo’s we have.


In a wheelchair for months and had to learn how to walk again, I had asked a friend to train me for my first figure competition which happened to be the Arnold Classic (she later started a business called The Body Biz),  just months after being cleared to walk without crutches.

I still wanted to represent love146 although competing at the Arnold was a completely different sport than boardercross, but it didn’t matter.   I reached out to to design and sell tee’s for my figure debut to continue raising awareness.  (With their good hearts, they did the design work for free, so please go support their business!)

me evelyn and dolly at Arnold
Evelyn and Dolly who were the first to encourage me to do Figure Shows. Wearing our love146 tee shirts at the Arnold!
Tia and I after the Arnold Classic Finals
After the Arnold Finals: Tia Trent with First Place in the Tall Class, and me with fifth place. 


Although I am not competing this year at the Arnold, I will be competing at the USASA National Championships at Copper Mountain, Colorado next month.  Please be aware and do not support human trafficking, because the victims were lured as children, and the more the demands increase, the more children are lured.  It is an ugly cycle.

So I had to wear my beloved shirt this weekend as I raced to qualify for nationals in boardercross.  It was only three races ago that I was carried off that mountain in Oregon (Mt. Hood) and was bound to a wheelchair.

I would be lieing if I said I wasn’t afraid while getting back into racing boardercross.  Because of the structural damage to my ankles, it took me a long time to find a stance I can even ride comfortably.  It isn’t the ideal stance for the particular sport of racing, but its the best I can do right now, and just happy (and a tad scared) to be back on the board.

The practice runs looked like I have never been on a board since I tumbled and crashed all the way down.  But each run, I slowly gained a bit more confidence.  The feeling to overcome is one of the sweetest monumental experiences to go through.

It’s not like I do it just for that experience, but I really do want to make the most out of life.  I am inspired by the book of Ecclesiastes.  I am inspired by Christ. I hope to live my life in faith… not just talk about it. So if my actions may inspire one person, then that’s all I can ask for.  Inspire to not feel sorry for ourselves, inspire to not settle, inspire to live fully and whole-heartedly.

That faith thing…. it’s more than just words.


IMG_1043 (2) (1)
Crashing in practice runs trying to get used to being on a board again. 
IMG_1406 (2)
A fun shot my husband took of me. 
I want to live life to it’s fullest, not to wait til I’m retired, or to look back and regret not living it to the best I could. 
FullSizeRender (3)
My favorite action shot!  Thankful for my husband that took this and supports my love for competing!


FullSizeRender (2)
My husband.  Worth waiting for and believing the best in each other. #luckygirl  P.S. Check out that bikini in the background #lifegoals

To Support an awesome tee shirt company, check out!

To support love146 to work to end child sex trafficking, go here!



Video the day before the Arnold:


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