Thankful for Gods Love Through You

Thank you for your prayers, words of sincere encouragement, and support through dads battle of ALS. Through it, I have seen Gods love through you.

 So thank you for every prayer, every good thought, and every honorable memory you have shared. 

He has been unable to speak and paralyzed for two years now of which I can’t imagine how it feels to be trapped in your own body unable to speak or move. Nor do I never want to know.

Let me use this moment to remind us all, that we have only one body on earth to live in, so honor it well and use it for good.


2 thoughts on “Thankful for Gods Love Through You

    1. Bless you! We have only one body and only God knows for how many days we have it. You are a great example of living life as a gift and sharing it along the way. Blessings to you as you are such an encouragement!!

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