Cherished Moments 

I choked back tears today while making my way to the fresh produce section of the store when I saw a man patiently wait in line with a mountain bike to buy.

In my thoughts, I got excited for the person who could be the lucky one to receive it. The lights in his or her eyes when they would see it.

I couldn’t help but reflect on the moment my brother and I came home from school to see new bikes waiting for us in the living room. There is a photo of us somewhere, and half of me was airborne to jump on it out of excitement.

We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, even with Dad working two jobs, but he would do anything to have moments with us to see our eyes light up too.
Whether it was a new bike, hikes, vacations, spinning us until we were so dizzy we couldn’t stand up, or tickling us until we nearly peed our pants (which I did a few times). 

It’s hard seeing Dad struggle with ALS, being paralyzed and unable to speak for two years now. The responsibilities Mom probably never expected, or the fate Dad would have never wanted. 

We all see a deeper faith in both Mom and Dad than ever before, if only they knew. 

What we don’t know, is when it will be our last Christmas, or our last day, or our last breath.

Thank you Dad, for that bike. You and Mom even put pom-poms on the handles like every little girls dream. 


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