A Life Lesson I Learned from Buddy the Elf

‘Bye Buddy… Hope you find your dad,’ Mr. Narwhal rose out of the icy waters of the North Pole when Buddy the Elf began his journey to find the dad that didn’t even know he was born. (Mr. Narwhal Ugly Christmas Sweater on Etsy here.)

There is a long list of reasons of why I love this movie so much, but my newest reason is the life lesson I got out of a hilarious flick.

What seemed like such an innocent mission turned disastrous as Buddy was rejected over and over again by the man he called Dad. He thought he could meet him and first make snow angels for two hours, go ice skating, and then eat a whole roll of Tollhouse cookie dough as fast as they can, and finish off with snuggles.

While Dad was on the ‘naughty list’, not wanting any part of the deranged elf man, and was more concerned with his work and making money. 


By the way, i make this face with every cup of coffee I drink, hoping I will someday convince myself to like it.
Little did his dad, Walter Hobbs, have any idea that the answer to his problem, was exactly his problem…. Buddy.

While we all want to avoid and ignore our problems, usually that is where an answer waits us.

By the end of the movie, Walter realized he was a terrible Dad and needed to finally learn to put his family first. Because of it, he lost his job as a children’s book illustrator, but gained riches instead.

He was able to start his own company with Buddy’s very own story of how he traveled through the land of candy canes in search of his father. 

It took finding an opportunity within the problem instead of avoiding it, even with all the frustration, and losing his job.

We sometimes need to lose something to gain something.

He lost his job, but instead gained a family and a more satisfying career.

I know for myself, I can be so driven I keep forcing myself forward, but sometimes I just need to sit in my problem or frustration and look at it as an opportunity.

We learn and grow from moments like that.

Learn and grow from problems, dont run away from them!
I’ve gone through years of professional training to learn, apply, and teach, and years of healing to face my own fears, wounds, and heartaches. The awesome thing is we never stop being put in situations to learn and grow from or to be healed of.

Answers can be found there, and it’s all part of a story.  

Reflect on your own life and where it’s frustrations and problems are. There is a story there, possible redemption there, be willing to learn and grow from it.

And don’t forget to smile, because smiling is your favorite!



And don’t try to hug wild raccoons.

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