The Most Adventurist and Laughed at Car that I call Mine. #paidoff 



My car has been such a champ! I have driven it to, from, and through the Colorado Rockies multiple times, to the east coast for surf trips, and last minute beach camping trips. 

It has taught many non-stick-shift drivers how to drive a standard and has loaded many snowboards on its roof since 2006. 


It squeals so loud, I’m sure it wakes and annoys the neighbors (sorry guys). It has blown out multiple domelight’s, headlights and taillights. It has taken out a few construction cones, and has a ventured some off-roading as much as a dirtbike-like engine could do in this little four-cylinder car. 

It has sweetly earned the love and adoration of Europeans, being one of the smallest cars they have seen in the States before the Smart car was introduced. 

It is carried my massage table to many homes, Hilton’s, The Loft Hotel, Crowne Plaza, and Hyatts for therapeutic massages and spa parties. Parked in the drive of many mansions, paid the valet and tipped the concierge’s more than enough to make me realize I actually didn’t get paid much at all after giving it all away. 

It comforted us beach campers late at night when a lightning storm demolished our tent, to give us cover until surf rose in the morning.

It has pretended to appear like a jeep, with its fog lights, spoiler, snowboard rack since I first bought  with only 21 miles on it. (Not really a jeep but I pretended it was… And is.)

It witness the OSU pharmacy building roof catching aflame from yet another lightning storm. Prior to, parked in a lot to admire the beauty of the flashes and patterns of rain hitting the pavement. In awe of Gods power and then the show really lit up on that building. I heard that cost OSU a lot of money to repair.

It has fiercely parallel parked like no other with its short status within the tightest spots of Columbus and downtown Denver. 

And I have cried many tears driving through states, through breakups discouragement failure and even success. 

It has picked up a few hitchhikers and saved A few stranded on the side of the road.

It saved its owner from expensive resort lodging by parking in below zero weather in the freezing winter months. Thanks mom for that sub zero sleeping bag. If you knew I planned doing this, you probably would have never bought it!

It even found itself on the wrong way of an exit ramp in downtown Columbus. Gosh that was embarrassing. 

It’s been laughed at in it’s old-age with screechy sounds throughout the most elite of neighborhoods, and of its rust patches, and duct tape mirrors. 

It’s also been paid off for five years leaving me with no car payment to ever worry about. 

Last night, I thought it breathed its last breath of fuel, as it stalled and mid intersection, steering control and everything. 

Praise God it was still guided to the shoulder on my way to a massage appointment, the dashboard lit up like Christmas trees with all the check engine warnings. 

That it may be its last day, but it started right up as of ready to start the day again. When will it be it’s last breath?

Someday we will find out but I sure hope it isn’t in the middle of an intersection.

National Championship is a story all in itself.

Until then, peace out– its time to meet my family to watch the new Star Wars. I am so happy my eyes filled with tears to watch a preview. #nerdalert 

Start loving the little things in life.


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