Letting Go to Enjoy More Life


I had a revelation while giving a massage, that people think they need to take on so much pressure to get relief. So much pressure, they are tensing and squirming but don’t want to let go, which is so silly. There can be many reasons why they choose to take the hard way, but my job is to come in and train their minds and bodies differently.

The answer lies in learning how to connect your mind with your body to learn how to let go instead of taking on more.  


IMG_1226This needs to be applied to life. That many of us, (myself included) try to see how much we can load onto our own backs of which we are not created for, instead of letting go.  But what if we choose to let go? You get a better massage for one…. and a much better life FULL of good stuff, not just responsibilities and work.

We keep bending and bending until we break, which causes stress, disease, and illness. Not to mention lessens our quality of life and simply being unsatisfied.  We keep taking on more because we have it stuck in our minds that the more we do and the busier we are, it defines our importance and value, which is also where our minds need to be trained and transformed differently.

The truth is that seeing how much we can take on actually takes away from our importance,value, and mysteries we are yet to discover.    The less we are loaded down, the more we can just BE, the more we can just live, the more we can do what we love, be with who we love, achieving goals, traveling the world,  going after dreams, and discovering mysteries (my favorite!).

It’s the art of letting go to tap into your best.

With learning to let go, we can be more of who we were created to be, destined to be, and who our hearts crave to be but we can’t see it through the muck of being so damn busy.

So instead of trying to take on more, the answer really lies in letting go. Whether it’s letting go of busyness, addictions, fears, obsessing what others think of us, or that daily latte. We all have them, big or small.

Spend some time reflecting on your life, seeing how busy you really are and what you really need to let go of. I know I am.  I know I don’t want to keep loading up my plate and carry all this tension. I want to live life, not be weighed down because of what I sign myself up for.

What are you still holding onto that weighs you down to keep you from moving forward? What do you need to let go of?  I know I will be praying about the same for myself!









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