When I Started Getting Fit in a Wheelchair: Four Year Anniversary

From 2011 to 2015
From 2011 to 2015

I will never forget the season of my life where my assault was the beginning of tragic events that left me in a wheelchair for months.  When I stop to reflect on that year, I am blown away at how much God has been there walking me through the pain, to where I could finally walk again, literally.

It has been exactly four years since the very first day I began training for my first competition.  The crazy thing, is that I started training for it while in a wheelchair.  It was more difficult rolling to the gym, and hovering my body from wheelchairs and scooters onto machines to train upper body, to keep weight off my legs that were still fractured ten months following the crash.

Yes, I still have pain everyday, but I learn to deal with it by eating foods that doesn’t cause more inflammation, exercising regularly for stronger joints, meditating for inner peace, self-care, and focusing on my relationship with Christ.

The road wasn’t easy, but as they say, nothing worth doing is easy.  This summer, I won my class at the Julie Palmer Showdown, and finished in the top 10 at Nationals in Figure.  I hoped on being more shredded, but improving is simply part of the process.

FullSizeRender (24)
1st Place June 6

IMG_9503 (1)

Helping Others Reach Their Full Potential

Competing helps me become a better coach, which is where I spend most of my time these days.   Coaching mostly athletes, trainers, competitors, and therapists to reach their full potential through strength training programs, nutrition coaching, wellness coaching, and mentoring Massage Therapists with mastered techniques of over 15 years.

To think this started because of my crash, and choosing to focus on God instead of why something like this could happen to me, He showed me the positives.  He showed me hope.  He showed me doors to help others too.

I am thankful for the pain I went through, because that is part of my story.  Without that pain, I would have never seen the door to help others like I have the opportunity to while still donating percentage of coaching business to end child sex trafficking.

If you are going through something, it is part of your story and part of your growth.

No good story is worth reading if it doesn’t have conflict or a problem, so be thankful YOU HAVE CONFLICT or else you would be bored! Problems and conflict are opportunities.

Choosing to see them that way help you to become a problem solver and opportunist, versus allowing yourself to simply be a victim.

Embrace the opportunities to grow from the conflict and problems in your life. Feeling sorry for yourself will never get you anywhere… ever.

My first jump since my accident.
  • Both ankles were crushed and displaced, left in casts for over seven months with the surgery.
  • A specialized crane lowered my body into a swimming pool around the fourth month to learn to walk again, but to discover surgery was needed to remove bone and implant hardware.
  • My eight month sedentary life of living on my parents couch, army crawling to bathrooms, sponge baths, was a time of growth, grace, and faith.
  • I never asked God why, but instead I saw my pain and situation as a gift.  I wanted to grow from this.
My bones were crushed, but my spirit was not.  Photo before casts were put on.
My bones were crushed, but my spirit was not.

I remember asking the question, “Lord,  how can I worship you with what I was given?”

I remembered the Sunday school story of the three men that were given talents, and each one did something different.  One man buried his talent to protect it, one man spent it, and the wiser of the three invested and brought his back worth even more.

I wanted to be that guy.

I wanted to take the situation I was given, to not bury it and pretend it never happened, nor to waste it, but to give back even more. I wanted to invest into what I was given.  

I wasn’t looking for excuses to stay home and sulk, I was looking to grow and exercise my faith.  I prayed about it and by process of elimination, decided to compete in a fitness show.

Never attended one before, therefore I didn’t know where to begin. Hired a trainer-friend to begin training nine months later, on a scooter, to only a few months later placing in the top 5 at The Arnold Classic for my very first figure competition.

These events did not define me, but yes, they are part of my story.  More is yet to be told and yet to be lived, and that excites me!

I desire to make the absolute most out of this life God gave me.

Me with the Arnold Tall Class Winner, Tia Trent.
At the Arnold Classic with 5th place trophy next to Figure Tall Class Winner, Tia Trent.
John's letter after inducting me onto his wall of champions.  Such an honor!
John Meadow’s letter after inducting me onto his wall of champions. Such an honor!   

What Now?

I absolutely love helping and coaching others.  Like I said above, the events that I have gone through did not define me, but I can definitely use it to help others through their situations to find their full potential too.  It’s a journey that doesn’t end.

I currently focus on following Christ each day, learning how to love more, and doing my best at maximizing the performance of the Columbus Crew SC as their Team Sports Massage Therapist, mentoring other compassionate like-minded Sports Therapists, and an online coach for strength training and nutrition.

The awesome thing, is that I will never stop learning, growing, and transforming.  I find it arrogant to ever think I would know it all and wouldn’t need to grow in some way. I desire to continue making the most out of life, and helping others do the same.

For Coaching Programs, Massage Appointments, Spiritual Direction, and nutrition coaching backed by Registered Dietitians, go to my website for more and let me know if you have any questions!

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