How to Naturally Kill Ants

While cleaning last night, flying ants started taking over the kitchen. Climbing up walls, on the floor, and they especially loved the hanging light fixture.

I squashed a few (sorry bug activists) but then more kept coming out of nowhere.

Where the hell were they coming from?!

I am currently trying to use less store-bought cleaners and making homemade cleaners myself. Our granite cleaner is actually a combination on water, rubbing alcohol, and dish soap. It does such a great job that I use that to clean almost everything in the house.

Yay for less chemicals and less bottles. #gogreen

Reading that peppermint oil is good to repel and kill ants, I added drops of it into the granite cleaner.

But then OH NO.

A crack under the baseboards near the fireplace was a doorway showed exactly where they were coming from as they were having a big ole party.

The flying kind AND the not flying kind.

Like.  Ewww.

But wow all at the same time!

I think I just sat and stared at them as they crept up the walls wondering if the mixture would actually work.

I began spraying and they all curled up and died. Simple enough. (I felt so mean!!)

After spraying, I wiped them up with paper towels.

I soaked the crack they seems to enter through in hopes to form a barrier, but an hour later they started to come back and repeated.  They havn’t returned since the second confrontation.

(See More Natural Ant Repellant Methods at the Bottom)

On a more spiritual note, ants inspire me when they are not infesting my home.

  1. They only live about 60 days yet still plan ahead. What if we lived like that?
  2. They work hard in the summer to survive in the harsher months. What if we treated our finances like that? What if we lived within our budget, saved more and gave more than what we spent?
  3. Ants are intentional. One big thing in my online training programs, is me constantly enforcing the importance of being intentional with every single repetition instead of being half ass. What if we were intentional with every rep, every workout, every goal, every relationship, every conversation?
  4. Ants communicate and work powerfully together. Let’s not assume and communicate better, and work better together even through all of our beliefs and personality differences.
  5. Ants aren’t lazy…. And neither should we be!

Of all the ways I could learn from ants, intentionality is biggest for me. God is working in my heart, mind, and habits, to be more intentional with my quiet times with him instead of rushing off to work all day.

Confession:  I am a workaholic and that can kill a healthy life as much as a homeowner can kill an ant with dish soap!

If you could learn and apply to your life what ants model for us, what would it be for you?

More Ant Repellant Methods

  1. 15 drops peppermint essential oil, 5 drops citronella essential oil, 5 drops lavender essential oil mixed in spray bottle of 1.5 oz distiller water and 1.5 oz high proof alcohol (like vodka, but rubbing alcohol seemed to work just fine.) Shake bottle before every use.
  2. Add few peppermint oil drops to cotton ball where they enter
  3. Plant spearmint, tansy, pennyroyal, or peppermint plants around doors and windows.
  4. Dish soap and water. Fill water bottle one part dish soap and two parts water. Shake, spray, wipe up with paper towel. I guess this works on roaches too. Thank God we don’t have that problem!
  5. White vinegar and water. 50/50 solution in spray bottle and wipe up.
  6. Lemon juice solution. 1 part lemon juice to 3 parts water. Use as all purpose spray too.
  7. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth inside house along baseboards, windowsills, and around perimeter of house.
  8. Boric Acid. Sprinkle like you would #7
  9. If they keep invading, trace them back to the nest. Find entrance of nest to force them to relocate. You can pour boiling water into entrance and sprinkle with boric acid. If still a problem, dig a hole at the entrance, half- fill crater with baking soda and pour vinegar over it. Check back after a few days and reapply if needed.
  10. Exterminator would probably be your next bet if all the above doesn’t solve your problem.

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