What You Don’t Let Go Of; Ruins You

Hello friends!

Honestly, I have been stretching myself too thin and praying on what I need to let go of. This week I visited One Life Coffee Shop in the Short North of Columbus, Ohio, then walked to Goodale Park to find the closest bench or picnic table to write in my prayer journal and have alone time.

As I walked into the park, I felt God say,

“What you don’t let go of, ruins you.”

It hit me hard and I needed to hear it.

It’s been leading me to really discover what it is I need to let go of because I simply can’t handle it all.  If you could pray for me, that would be great.  For those that have already been praying…. thank you.

God gently reminds me to sit in His presence as I am praying for direction in the midst of chaos.   I need to let something go, but need clarity to what exactly that is.

I have a habit of saying yes to too much, when I need to slow down.  Wisdom says I need the brakes.  Last time I asked God to help me to slow down, I landed an 80 foot jump in Oregon with my snowboard boots untied and was left handicapped. I had to learn how to walk again and prefer not to learn the hard way again. (See What Really Happened Here.)

The Crane Mom uses to get Dad in and out of bed since his arms and legs are now paralyzed from the ALS.
The Crane Mom uses to get Dad in and out of bed since his arms and legs are now paralyzed from the ALS.

Watching Dad continue to grow weaker with his ALS is painful to see although his faith continues to inspire the world. Holding his head up is a great challenge for him, but the smile on his face instantly lights up my heart.  It hurts to see him go through this, feeling so helpless, but it also shows me how much more intentional I want to be with my life and don’t want to wait to live it.

It could be over in a nanosecond, and most of us take it for granted.

I’ve been soul searching to make the most out of life and it has been such a humbling honor that others have been seeking me out for guidance.  I need to let go of something so I can be better available as a coach, mentor, wife, and daughter, but praying about what I should let go of.

Since last year I’ve taken my massage business into a Massage Mentor Program, mentoring quality therapists, plus taking on the Columbus Crew SC as their team therapist, competing nationally as a NPC Figure Competitor, and slowly taking more clients with my online coaching program.

I think in some round-about way we are all just trying to find our way to living a better life.  I’m not going to pretend I know all the answers for that would obviously be arrogant, but at least I can do is be honest and authentic as I do walk it out.

And thankful I’m not walking it alone.

Thank you for letting me be honest while I pray for clarity, wisdom, and direction.  If you know me personally or professionally, in your eyes, what advice would you give on what I should give up, or what I should invest more into? I would love to hear your thoughts!




5 thoughts on “What You Don’t Let Go Of; Ruins You

  1. My guess that since you are walking in fellowship with God, He has probably been indicating an area to cut back in. Just guessing. If not then at the second levell, what is Andy or your family seeing as the problem? They know you best. God gives us family to guide us also. Read about Jethro and Moses in the Genesis. . Moses had the same problem as you claim to have.

    1. John, yes! This was confirmation I needed to hear!! This encourages me to pray for wisdom and DELEGATE like Jethro had advised Moses. Crap. I suck at delegating. Oh Lordy have mercy…. My thank you john!

    1. Wow Bill!! Thank you so much for sharing this video! This would be so helpful for mom! Praying for you and your family. Thank you so much for being an inspiration, and a beacon of hope and faith while you face such struggles too. And perseverance… you are amazing! Thank you for using your situation to speak volumes of faith to the world.

      1. Thank you for your always encouraging words, Bailey.
        Your dad is a big guy, but I’ve seen even tiny women use this lift with husband’s your dad’s size.

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