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Crazy to think that last year on October 13th, I was sitting on the foot and ankle specialist’s exam table receiving coritsone injections. I felt the needle scrape the bones inside both left and right ankles. The specialist said the crushes in both of my ankles cannot be fixed or surgically ‘uncrushed’, therefore, my next step would be to have the joints surgically fused.

The slightest pressure on either ankle was unbearable so I had reverted to crawling on hands and knees. X-rays from the healing injury of crushing both ankles ten months prior, showed that the right ankle was indeed still fractured, while the left ankle was still trying to heal from the implanted screws from the surgery at the end of June of 2011.

Although this was a painful period of my life, it also became the open door to training for figure competitions. I continued to train…

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