How to Ski when your 80

“I want to be like that guy when I’m 80,” my husband watched him swish back and forth on his ski’s with ease down one of our favorite Rocky Mountain Ski Resorts. We spent last week skiing and snowboarding Copper Mountain until we got to my personal favorite resort, Vail.

The older gentlemen skied like he was flowing effortlessly down the mountain. I didn’t hesitate to reply, “Well, Hun, this means no more zebra cakes if you want to be healthy enough when you are 80!”

Zebra Cakes became an ongoing joke in our marriage, as I am strictly opposed to any foods with chemicals, hormones, and preservatives. I gag to look at labels filled with ingredients literally banned in other countries, yet deemed to be safe and ok here in the United States and we wonder why our country is so sick.

Proud of you Tia Trent! Arnold Classic Figure Amateur Champion!
Tia Trent in First Place on the Left, and me with fifth at the Arnold Amateur in Columbus, Ohio.

We first began dating when I was training for the Arnold Classic Amateur in Columbus, when I was beyond shocked and humbled to be awarded in the top 5 in my very first Figure Competition.

I was very clear on the lifestyle I chose for myself and my future family from the beginning of our relationship, he loved it. He admitted that it motivated him to be healthier.

It wasn’t the first time an 80 year old passed him on the mountain. Whether hiking, snowshoeing, or skiing; it motivates him to be healthier.

To do the things we want to when we are 80, means making commitments and choices now, not wishful thinking.

Time to think about what you want. 

What do you vision for yourself with your 80? Do you want to be traveling, backpacking, skiing? Or simply being healthy enough to play with your grandkids?

Let those visions fuel your choices everyday.

You do have the power to choose most people don’t realize. (Try the exercise below to find your vision!)

I love how Jesus asks, “What are you seeking?”

Ask yourself, have you stopped to answer? (Let’s get down to it, what exactly are you seeking? The answer won’t just land on your lap and be easy, you need to search for it.)

Choices now effect us later.

There are all too easy of excuses and opportunities to eat and live less than optimal.  Do you really want to travel when your 80? Still ballroom dancing, going on adventures, safari’s? Or simply being healthy enough to walk around the block with your loved ones? Or perhaps make the most of your life now?

Or perhaps it is for defined muscle, less bodyfat,  better endurance, better times in your races, squatting more weight, or doing your first Figure Competition. The list goes on and you have the freedom to choose, whether just beginning or an elite athlete .

Any athlete can have a disciplined body, but without a disciplined mind or spirit, all he or she is, is a body.

An empty shell.

Try this spiritual and mindful exercise in a quiet room.

  1. Close your eyes and visualize what you are seeking. It could be physical, emotional/mental, or spiritual.
  2. Slow your breath and allow yourself to answer Jesus’s question, “What are you seeking?”
  3. Let the vision build, feel the emotions, see the colors or where you are in this vision. Pray for clarity and don’t be hesitate to seek counsel for more depth.
  4. This visualization of answering his question, will help you take responsibility of what you truly are seeking. Accept the vision as a gift and own it.
  5. Journal the details, the vision, motivation. It could be simple or extremely detailed.
  6.  Nurture this vision and meditate on it daily. At least every morning before you get out of bed and every night. Include this in part of your daily devotions, or the times you feel weak and want to give up, meditate again and ask the Lord for strength to persevere.

Don’t allow yourself to be an empty shell.  Exercise your mind and spirit.

Heavenly Father, thank you for this gift of life. Help me to nurture it and all you have given me. Teach me to worship you will all that I am, including to worship with my wellness. Thank you for visions that motivate and inspire me. Help me to live them out daily. May I wake up to mediate on you, your word, and your vision. May you give me strength when I am weak.


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