Healing From the Inside Out, Losing 101 Pounds

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Watching a friend walk through healing is probably one of the most beautiful things I have been honored to see.  As Jae and Kyle Bonham’s little girl was about to celebrate her first birthday, I offered to host a party.

It wasn’t just any party, but it was to celebrate all that God has done and has been doing this past year in their lives. Between having to move three times, lost vision and nearly comatose, told she couldn’t get pregnant, mother-in-law passing… Just wait to hear their story as faith is what kept them mentally and spiritually alive… while losing 176 pounds between the two of them.

It was time to celebrate.  It was a joy for me to have some of their family photos developed to decorate the walls, put in frames, and to cut smaller photos and tape them to toothpicks to use for the 9495_875129152535_1519394784662970411_n appetizers.  I even attempted bringing out a past time favorite of drawing to make them a
sign when they first walked in the door.

Their close friends began to pour in, bringing delicious dishes, offering hugs and smiles, catching up the months since we have seen one another last.

Earlier I had asked Jae and Kyle if they wouldn’t mind sharing everything God has been doing in their lives, and they were more than happy to.  Jae has spoken in front of young women about eating disorders and has been touching lives with her remarkable story, and Kyle now a nursing student, a missionary to Russia.

You see, in this past year she had lost 101 pounds and stuck to her goal of completing 5 5k’s this year, while her husband had lost 75 and playing rugby.  She doesn’t take any of the credit for it, but credits the healing within her from God to embark on such a journey.

“It was an act of healing that allowed me the ability to make good decisions about health and fitness.”–Jae

We all gathered in the living room, and that’s exactly where they began telling their story; with her healing.


A few of us had gone through a program called Transformational Healing, designed by Terry Wardle.  It’s a beautiful opportunity to walk through healing in the power of Christ.  Jae and Kyle explained the program as soul crushing and then being built back up again.

From experience, it was painful, but more than worth it, and even freeing to say the least.

“I was 100 pounds heavier then.  I knew biblically, that overeating was a sin, but I never connected it.  Through that process, it was an act of fear.  Fear of visions God gave me and the path he had for me, on top of the wounds I tried covering up the pain.”


While Jae was trying to connect with not covering up the pain anymore, she lost 20-30 pounds.  She also lost her vision and had to get glasses and things got scary.  (I remember the day we were praying for her vision.)  Soon hospitalized, diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis, and her blood was toxic.  Informed she would have been in a coma if waited another hour.

Another wake up call to begin taking better care of herself with three injections a day and was told she wouldn’t get pregnant.  However, a miracle took place and less than a year later had their healthy baby girl, Harper.

Their world began falling apart when had to move three times in three months, Kyle lost his job, and lost his mother. We all cried, rejoiced, yet filled with peace to hear the news that she wanted Jesus for the first time on her deathbed.

Kyle is a positive man who seeks God. He saw the job loss as a blessing afterwards and decided to go to school for his R.N.

“If you only knew me 5 years ago,people can’t change like this on their own.”

They both are working to break the chain of obesity, our friend Drew put them on meal plans, and continue to walk through healing.  “Transformational Healing has changed my life, relationships healed, and still working through things.”

Jae, thank you for being a walking testimony of what true healing can do for someone from the inside out while walking with Christ, especially in areas that can scare us the most.  More than anything, you want more of Jesus, and your heart portrays that.  You shine because of the healing he has done in your life, getting to see more and more of the beautiful and gorgeous woman that you are created to be.  Continue speaking life, and sharing your journey, for the people you inspire is worth it.

Your husband wanted one friend each day in the month of December, to do something special for you.  Today is my day, to share with the world, how special you are.  Happy 30th Birthday!

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One thought on “Healing From the Inside Out, Losing 101 Pounds

  1. I agree that Jessica is an amazing tribute to God’s love and abilities. She has been an inspiration to me, and is a great listening ear.

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