Search Our Hearts O God, Make Us Whole

My Children!
Why do you hate?
Have I created you to hate?!

You ask yourselves why do I not step in and put an end to this or how could I have even let something like this begin.
How could you choose to let something like this begin?
How could you choose to build this fire?

Which fire are you trying to build? Is it a fire of hate?
Or would you like to build a fire that represents something so much greater than yourselves?

I have given you the free will to choose every moment and every day.
You can choose your thoughts, you can choose your attitude,
you can choose your behaviors, your responses, your reactions.

Why do you respond so weak?

I tell you to come to me when you are weary and thirsty? But you don’t!
You don’t come to me! You try to fix it on your own, acting out of your weakness.

I can see who someone is truly made out of when they are pressured.
Diamonds are made when pressured.
But when some of you are pressed, you have not allowed the diamonds within you to shine.

You have not allowed the goodness to shine.
You know what does shine?

It is everything underneath the appearance,
everything in the depth of your spirit and your soul that you wish not to confront;
that you wish not for healing, that you want it to be buried.

But I tell you the days are here and the days will continue to come,
that you WILL be pressed, that you WILL be pressured.

And the very things that you hide, are the very things that will come out.

So if you have hate in your heart, bitterness in your thoughts, envy, or jealousy;
NONE of these are from me!!!


You have been hurt, but I’ve told you and showed you I have hope for you through my Son.

Why don’t you believe?
You don’t believe.

Instead, you continue choosing your own weakness.
It’s YOUR choice.

The most spiritual thing you can do is choose.
I’m not asking you to pretend you are better than the person next to you or to be self-righteous.

I AM inviting you to make your heart right. To make your heart pure.

So that when the days you are pressed and the days you are pressured, only good and noble come from you.

Do YOU want that?
Do you WANT that?

Because it is your CHOICE and I have it for you,
I won’t make you do it.
I’m not going to make you do it.

You are killing yourself and you are killing each other.
And you want me out of it?
If you want me to be part of this, you have to start with me.
With your heart and me.

I have so much better things for you! I have dreams for you! Plans and purposes! Don’t you know this? This scripture is displayed on your walls, you read it in my Word, and you pray it with your lips, but you DON’T believe it. Don’t you know I have plans and purposes for you that are GOOD? But you keep choosing the other WAY!

I am here for you if you choose ME.



Heavenly Father, why is our world so foolish? I know I have questions of you, we all have questions of you, but first, we need to answer YOUR questions. You have made it so simple, yet we all make it so complicated. All we need to do is come to you. Fix our hearts O God! The hurts have turned to poisonous, toxic, hateful, and cruel. The only thing that can remedy this is your love. Search our hearts O God, expose and reveal where we need you. Teach us to give them to you instead of letting such sin destroy ourselves and each other.



(Prophetic word inspired while interceding the hate and riots that are being spilled all over the world.)



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