My first Fitness show

Revisiting this entry as I competed in my first competition. As I have competed in many more since then, including the National Championships, to never forget the vision and purpose of what you are training for. Vision gives you purpose. Purpose gives you meaning. Meaning speaks life. Life pours into others. Others help you to live selflessly. Selflessness points to being beyond just yourself and open to God’s greater callings.

Welcome to Wellness

No, not awkward at all to be amongst naked bodies all getting spray tanned before a bodybuilding competition. I suppose the professional tanning is for lighting purposes, helping the judges to give their best judgment on each competitor when we are all on stage displaying our hard work. But wait till you hear the rest.

Last night was quite the experience. “Things happen for a reason” is said too easily and thrown away too easily, while most of us never come to any thoughts of what those reasons are, but say it for the sake of just saying it. I like reasons, even though I don’t expect to understand everything. I never asked God “why me?” when I was raped right before I crushed both of my ankles while competing professionally in boardercross. Things happen for reason, and I’m seeing them unfold.

Last night was part of that reasoning. It…

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