Miracles Do Happen

I have always heard of, seen, and known people personally that has experienced miraculous wonders and blessings.  Truthfully, although I see it in others, I don’t expect it in my own life.  Harsh to say, although truth for now.  Or should I say, was once truth for me.

Now I have been blessed to receive it for myself, and not just ask it for others.  To be evidence that God’s voice does speak and long to whisper into our hearts to hear his ways.

Dad and Mom choir concert

As Dad’s Lou Gerhigs Disease is progressively worse, his spirit continues to shine.  He hasn’t been able to speak, nor use his arms or legs for a few months.  It’s terribly difficult to see beauty in a time of suffering like this.  To watch someone that has only done good, to become paralyzed slowly while his brain is completely alert to what is going on… but trapped.  Within months his 6’5 frame was wheelchair bound as much as he fought his way to resist it.

Its depressing to be stuck inside all day.  We all need community, fresh air, nature, and sunlight! We got to the point that we couldn’t lift dad into their family mini van anymore, as we were hunting for wheelchair accessible vans.  We want dad to continue living life to his fullest, not trapped inside.  The first price of a van I found was $75,000, which is not doable by any means.  We’d be lucky in the right timing to get a used one for $40,000, which was still unattainable.

I can’t tell the story without crying of the Lords sweetness.  Mom heard him tell her to check craigslist, so she did.  Not even two minutes prior, someone posted a wheelchair accessible van for only $2,500.  Our dear friend Darrel immediately ran to the owner and put his own money down, and another friend Andrea Dye Simera beautifully constructed an online gofundme.com account to cover the full amount and make the purchase. People began to give and tell their stories of how they loved Dad.  We are so more than thankful! Not enough Thank You cards in the world to send out!

At a choir concert last weekend, the choir members one by one gathered around him to tell Dad all the stories from the many years of serving and loving them! One lady said, "As soon as we saw you come in Mike, we were singing for you." Wow, what an honor that brought me to tears.
At a choir concert last weekend, the choir members one by one gathered around him to tell Dad all the stories from the many years of serving and loving them! One lady said, “As soon as we saw you come in Mike, we were singing for you.” Wow, what an honor that brought me to tears.

To hear mom tell the story brings tears.  Because she knew without a doubt she heard God.  I’ve never heard mom talk like that, because it’s usually like pulling teeth to even get her to church!  In a time where our family is hurting the most, we are also growing the most.  The Lord has been so near and so faithful.  Dad’s truest friends have been there without expecting anything in return.  That’s when you know its love.  Selfless love.   Loving like Christ does.

Mom can now take Dad outside and they love that time together.  Its beautiful seeing Mom raise up and be a woman of unconditional love more than ever.  A woman of faith, knowing she without a doubt, heard God, and can now bless her love for Dad even more with each day.

But wait, the story doesn’t end.

While the home is falling apart and roof leaking, it was estimated $8,000- $10,000 to fix it. Tarp has been nailed to the roof over the winter, but taking care of Dad has been where her heart is the most as we try to work together as a family to take care of needs.

But then God rocked our socks off even more.  Being hard for Dad’s big frame to sit in a little wheelchair, it makes being uncomfortable, even more uncomfortable.  Although he can’t move, he can still feel everything.  He has to use his eye gazer machine to be able to communicate if he has an itch somewhere, for one of us to help.  It’s the littlest things we take for granted.

Mom was determined to get dad the most comfortable wheelchair that he would be able to control with with his head.  He can still turn his head, so that would be of some relief, but the chair was $30,000.

I could believe a miracle for others, but this was too close to home.  We simply could not get that money even with loans and credit.  I tried being the voice of reason instead of the voice of faith, “Mom, are there other chairs? There is no way we can do that.”

“I don’t care.  He deserves it.  God will take care of us,” she responded.

Within a few days, an anonymous check for $40,000 without a return address.  The only thing written was Psalm 23. She cried, I was in shock.  Mom’s faith grew to miraculous amounts, and so did mine.  Knowing that a miracle can happen to us too.  Praise God!!

Reminds me of a question God asked me years ago, “Do you not have faith in your Heavenly Father, little girl?”

Yes, Lord. I believe. You have never left us in a time of trial or even in the times of sweetness or celebration.  Your presence is known in big miraculous ways, and in the smallest ways.  Your love covers it all. Your gentleness woo’s my heart each day.  Your ways exceed logic, and I’m willing to continue walking in that.  May our family continue to hear you and praise you daily and in every moment.  To choose your love and grace before our own needs and understanding.  Continue to teach us your selfless ways, for it exceeds anything we can give. Our hearts are yours. 


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