Get out of the Whales Belly and LIVE!

Ever heard of the story of Jonah and the whale? He chose to hide instead of live.  It’s a common story that is visited, and sadly, it’s a story most of us live.

We live in hiding, not living.

We want purpose and direction, but still choose to hide instead and wonder why nothing is happening.

Everyone finds themselves in the belly of the whale, like in the story.  Many don’t even realize it.  I know I didn’t.

It is there, in the whales belly; we are hiding.  It is there, in the whales belly; we are stuck.

I am truly thankful for being brought out of that belly. I didn’t realize how insecure, how unsure of any purpose or direction, how much I was easily offended and hurt, confused, full of doubt, and even fear. I thought that was just ‘me’.  And that was just the way that I was.

But I didn’t have to be.

Wishing to be out of the whale’s belly doesn’t happen magically by simply praying.  Prayers are always being answered, but seldom do we want to listen in return.  Sure, God can answer prayers and give you miracles, but most of the time, he wants you to walk through, to trust him, to learn to listen to his voice.

He wants you out as much as you do.  If he says you will be free by a simple commandment… jump and obey! Don’t hesitate!  If he tells you… JUST DO IT!!!

One of my favorite movies is Avatar. In one scene that the main character, Jake Sully, has to catch his own dragon to fly it.  The beautiful Neytiri coached him by saying, “You will know which one is yours, because he will try to kill you.” So the dragon that chose Jake Sully, indeed tried to kill him, however lost its battle.  A magical moment does take place, as Jake Sully entwines his tail with the dragon, and at that moment, the dragon could hear his thoughts. Without catching a breath, they are too jump off the cliff together, trusting, communicating, and learning to fly together.  Why?  Because the bond is fresh. Absolutely exhilarating scene!

I think of that very scene when I know God is leading me somewhere. I learned to jump when the ‘bond is fresh’. That’s when it is time to fly. That’s when its time to get out of the whales belly!

When God tugs on your heart to move with faith… it takes faith to move.  Don’t get comfortable again and say you need to think about it and pray about it, or to get 2nd, 3rd, or 4th opinions, or perhaps wait for your own logical reasoning. Obey! Just listen! Faith happens outside of logic.

It is so simple but we are the ones that make it complicated.   There are times to sit and pray, but this is the time to respond faithfully with action, trusting and believing.

Whether you listen or not, life is still happening all over and all around whether you choose to take part in it or not.  God’s inviting you to participate, because he, nor anyone else wants your life to pass by without purpose.

So if you are in the belly of a whale and waiting for your time to learn to fly;  listen and obey….

Pray and ask him for yourself. He speaks. Now its your turn to listen.


2 thoughts on “Get out of the Whales Belly and LIVE!

  1. Bailey, Thank you for this challenging post. I am trying to listen, and to obey. I get plenty of “push-back” from opposing forces, but I am praying that I am able to continue, IN FAITH, and to remain faithful to God’s calling on me. Thanks for the reminders, and the encouragement!

    1. Thank you Arlene! There will ALWAYS be those opposing forces, but don’t entertain them or give them credit. They don’t deserve it. In fact, it keeps us back the more we recognize them, instead of the pure vision God’s given you for your life. Big picture or small picture. I pray you continue seeing and feeling his tugs and leadings and soon enough don’t even feel those push backs or opposing forces.

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