We know what we are taught, and we love what we know. Jan 2, 2014

“I stand between it.  And yes, I can redirect your thoughts and your ways.  Just as I parted the sea, I can part your ways.  Because one way is known and comfortable, does not give reason or life that those ways stir on greatness.  Greatness you desire, greatness you shall have.  Allow me to show you where it begins, for it does begin with me.

Yes I speak to you in your sleep, and I speak with you through the day and night.  You long for my heart and my thoughts, so trust me with yours.  You know I won’t leave you, for I am here through it all”

Yes Lord! Your ways are truly better than my own.  You are the one that has redirected my thoughts, and turned my ways and my steps.  You have stood between it for me, to walk in better ways.  Lord, you want your best for us! You want better ways for us! It’s not by my own understanding, but by living for YOURS.


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