Balancing the Important Things

It has been quite the interesting year! I paused publishing my first book due to personal reasons (explanation below) but hope to begin again. I slowed down to live out yet another chapter. To be in the moment. And soon it will be time to reflect and put it into words.

Two and a half years ago my dad carried my 150 pound body and the weight of both of my legs in casts. Thankfully my life wasn’t over because my identity was not found in being the snowboarder friends would introduce me as. Of course it was an extremely painful time of my life, but it was also a time I began to grow the most. I prayed that God would show me the beauty in a time of such suffering, and He did, and He hasn’t stopped.

Even today as my dad, only 58 years old, can barely stand, let alone speak. It all happened in a few months as he was just diagnosed with Lou Gerhigs disease. “That would be the worst way to go,” I remember him saying when I was a little girl. With the disease, his mind is fully functioning, aware, and alert, while his body slowly becomes paralyzed and words can hardly be formed. His spirit is alive although we see the pain in his eyes. I love my dad dearly.

A few weeks ago I married the man my family has always prayed for. We were only engaged 4 days before discovering the diagnosis so we planned for a fast wedding so dad could be healthy enough to be there. It was a very intimate ceremony, with the only a handful of closest of family and friends, and decided to wait to plan a celebration this fall. But what mattered is my dad made it, and he walked me down that aisle.

But dad couldn’t speak for a toast and I know he always looked forward to that day. Nor could he dance and we both looked forward to that day.

However tomorrow is a different day, and I’m putting my wedding dress back on to meet my dad…. because I owe him that dance.

For my fitness friends: Aiming for NPC National’s in Ft. Lauderdale for procard.



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