Breaking Invisible Chains

Instead of competing this year at the Arnold Classic, I promised to commit myself to writing my book and working with S.O.A.P (Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution). All large events like The Arnold drive up the demands for human trafficking, therefore bussing in victims of human trafficking and stir up a bigger demand. Unfortunately,the average age of these girls being lured into this industry even in the United States, is only 12 years old. They’ve been conditioned, brainwashed, and repeatedly raped, to hopelessly result in looking to their trafficker (aka pimp) as their means of worth and survival. They don’t know how to get out.

Last weekend I spent hours learning about what really happens behind the scenes as such a victim, because survivor and founder of S.O.A.P, Theresa Flores, was trafficked herself as a teen while living with her parents in Ohio. We went into hotels educating staff on what to look for and who to call if they see the red flags of human trafficking. On a print out, we had a few local missing teens to show front desk to ask if they recognized anyone. One front desk clerk even pointed out one of the girls was her very own niece.

You’d think if these girls are being treated badly, then why don’t they just get out? Why don’t they just call someone?

It much more complicated than that when threatened with their lives and their families lives. There is even a medical diagnosis for the bond that takes place between her and her trafficker because of the trauma. Theresa explained that its almost like a cult.

It’s the bond why these girls can’t get out. We may know where we are bonded to sin and death, things that hurt us down to our core although we look ok on the outside and appear that we have it all together, but deep down we are bonded to a monster chained to our soul.

Why don’t we just deal with it? Why don’t we just fight the temptation instead of giving in? It’s because of that bond that needs to be broken.

Most bonds are invisible chains, don’t know they exist, we just know there is some deep core longing needing to be met, yet only destruction and misery come out of not having it. That bond needs to be broken in those girls lives and our very own lives. But how?

I hate cliche answers and Sunday School jargon, but I’ve found we can only do so much in our own power, counseling, and making positive changes. That’s all superficial stuff.

Have we lost concept of what true intimacy is? It’s so real and deep that our brain cannot comprehend even what this longing and craving is. It’s that area in the depths of our being that is lost, feeling without direction, or trying to find direction and purpose on surface levels (from anything from success, our marriage, people-pleasing, fame, appearance, doing good works, bank account, to just name a few.)

But all of these do NOT satisfy that deep longing and that spiritual craving. That’s why you can’t get enough sex, why you can’t get enough promotions or accomplishments or recognition…

It’s because your pulling from the wrong thing, living in the wrong thing. But you haven’t failed. Do not put on the cloak of shame or failure, but be cleansed, renewed, and transformed.

It’s intimacy with with His Holy Spirit.

(Typed quickly on iPhone before editing and possible pictures)


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