Dear Julie, You Are Worth MORE

We just met a few minutes ago. I picked you up on the side of the street while you were walking in the freezing weather. Holes in your jeans, no gloves, no scarves.  As you got into my car I could see your knees were practically purple. Your face was puffy from the long night of fighting.  You asked for help after being abused and no where to go, no one to turn to.

I am seriously praying that you are holding onto that piece of paper I gave you with the information to find this blog and the connections I wrote down that can help you. The last thing you said when you got out of my car was that you were gang raped four years ago and since then everyone is out to hurt you.  You swore you wouldn’t dance again, but now you don’t know what else to do.

Please don’t.

For the truth that is deep down within you is even telling you, “Please don’t.”

As you said there is so much more to you, that you are better than this. I believe that too. I believe in you. I believe you are better than this and for you not to lose hope.

Please  don’t give up.  You said you are a fighter, so keep fighting the lies that everyone is out to hurt you.  I only heard part of your story, so I am sure there is more.  Don’t let your story end in hopelessness.

Praying for you to not lose hope and to not lose faith but to overcome this.

Much love,

Columbus Local Organization for Empowering Women and Embracing Children: For great information and even an anonymous crisis help hotline available 24/7

Vineyard Church of Columbus Counseling Center (Lay Counseling available) 614.890.0000


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