Take A Look

Look into my word.
Take it in.
I want you to see all that I really am and what I really stand for.
Take a look and begin to see my character.
Take a look and begin to see into my heart.
Take a deeper look, and open your eyes to see from my perspective;
What it looks like from here.

I am not that man with a whip that looks for a first chance to strike you.
But I AM the father you never had.

Yes, I have ways for you.
Yes, I have peace for you.
But its hard for you to receive it when you run the opposite direction
and choose your own ways.

When will you stop running?
When will you start looking for more than just yourself?

For I promise you, the self you seek to find,
is only available through me and the ways I have for you.
Trying to define your own truth will only deceive you and harm you.
Neither of which I have for you.

Would you like to know what I do have?
Perk your ears if you dare to listen.

I do have freedom.
It’s a freedom you don’t understand.
It’s a freedom that yet binds you to a deeper truth
you wish you have known all along.

I do have love.
It’s a love that will baffle you as you
try to make meaning of it.
It’s a love you try to find in others
and each time you have felt disappointed or neglected.
It’s a love that will satisfy you to never look or want another.

I do have peace.
It’s a peace that will also surpass any understanding.
It’s something your body can’t define,
but your spirit and soul can find new life.

Yes, it is a new life I have for you.
A new life where you surrender and start over.
A new life that is fueled eternally
where you are made new each day.

So take a look into my word.
Take a look into my life
Take a look for my spirit is for you.


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