You Have No Power Over Me

My reason for taking a break from figure shows is to complete my book. Last task I need to do is face wolves. A true fear that gave me nightmares most of my life because of a very real event in my life when I was chased through the woods as a little girl.

Laying in bed as I type this. Last night was a horrible night as I curled up on the bathroom floor shivering and overheating, vomiting, severe neck pains, and migraines. Havnt been this sick in a long time.

This morning I was supposed to be in a cage with wolves. I’m not one that easily gives credit to the devil by claiming spiritual attack, but it was interesting how the one day I flew across the country to face my fear, I was paralyzed by illness on that bathroom floor.

Friends and boyfriend prayed over me and for me. Although I’m disappointed, the devil will not have his way to keep me from completely overcoming my fear. God has me on a mission, and I’m relentless to be used for His good.

Praise God that I can open my eyes right now to share part of this adventure with you. Hoping I make sense while feeling so terrible.

Recovering today and wolves tomorrow. The following day on my snowboard for first time since my accident. All prayers welcome!!

Check out this youtube video a few days ago getting ready for the trip:





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