To Those that Listen, To Those that Seek

These are the days you must persevere.
These are the days you must be strong.
For others will surround you and some already are,
to tell you the things you wish to hear.

They will give you words of flattery,
they will speak your choice words
that will open the door
of deception and soon destruction.

Stay firm in your foundation and resist the venom.
It wants to be in your blood,
it wants you to permiss it into your life.

This venom will only fuel the lies
into your blood, directly to your heart.

Don’t give in to this!

Have I not trained you?
Have I not given you the freedom
to roam in My love and My storehouse of gifts?

Yet you still choose selfishness and instant gratification.
You choose what seems to make the most sense.
But this is sense of a worldly perspective
that is winning you over before you even know it!

The devil is tricky.
You are perceiving evil as good;
and good to be evil.

Where are your foundations and truths My child?
Is it found in your opinions?
In your ignorance?
How about doing it for the sake of being happy?

The pure joy I have for you is a bliss
that exceeds this empty happiness that you seek.

Stop and seek My wisdom.


Now go dive into, absorb, and apply Proverbs Chapter 8


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