Massage by Bailey

To sum up my career in the past twelve years, I feel confident to say that I get paid to love people.  Each and every person is different and unique, so when I have a client that walks through the door, I pray and look for opportunity to love them.   Whether emotionally, spiritually, or physically; its all connected.  Each person is a spirit and a soul within their body.

There were a few years I didn’t get paid to love people, and nor did I expect to be. I wasn’t licensed yet as a student in Massage Therapy school. As soon as I began school in 2000 I immediately bought a table to practice on everyone for free. How could I ask people to pay me if I was learning and practicing on them?

I loved earning an unpaid position working with Sports Medicine Physicians, Physical Therapists, and Occupational Therapists that really pushed my problem-solving skills with patients. These were skills I never learned in school or through continued education, but through active listening with professionals and their patients.

That learning will never stop in my career as a therapist or in any other area of my life.  Come see me at my new location in the heart of Grandview, Ohio!

Here’s my site where more information and scheduling is available:




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