Why Cry Out if You Do Not Move?

“Here I come to you yet again, to show you the depths before you.
Depths not to be fearful of, but depths to My heart to reveal My secrets.
Yes, you desire rightly and purely as I desire you to walk in it.

Why do you cry out to Me?
Why cry out if you do not move?

Trust in Me that I have gone before you to prepare the way
and you musn’t need to understand each step before you raise your foot.
Raise your foot and trust My voice as you walk
so that I shall guide you through the wilderness, mountains, and deserts.
Wherever you go, I shall be faithful and never leave or forsake you.

You know this.

Show Me your faith.

Trust in Me the steps that you do not see,
but are comforted to know I shall catch you if your knees become weary
and say to yourself you cannot go any further.
But know that I am here, and will always be with you to encourage the next step.
For I have not created you to sit
and account the days and wait for your own understanding,
but I have created you to walk in My understanding and My timing.
For I know that plans i have for you.
Trust Me that I will not harm you.
But I shall show you my goodness in all that I have for you.

Goodness I say! Grasp my goodness in all that I am.
For I AM in all goodness.
For I AM created goodness.
Goodness you can taste and allow to become part of you.
Celebrate the goodness I have given you and celebrate all that I have for you.”

(November 2005)


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