The Stone is Not Yours to Throw

A dear friend showed up at my doorstep in tears, threatening to put a bullet in his head. He received damaging words of judgement because of the way he dressed, and felt falsely accused of his heart and motives. I’ve never seen him so tormented. The words that were spoken over him seemed like they chose hell for him already.

We asked for the presence of God in our conversation. We talked for hours and prayed for only truth to remain in his heart and to remove the damage. He left in slightly better spirits, yet there was so much more of the Holy Spirit that would continue relieving and healing the damage.

My heart burnt with anger. There is no room for any of us to judge or condemn others for their beliefs or actions. Its far too easy to judge and condemn ourselves, we don’t need to make it worse, but to speak life into one another. Your words speak life or death. Choose them carefully.

After he left I immediately felt the Spirit of God say:

“Why is there so much hate amongst you?
Did i not create you for the purpose of my love?
Did I not give you this life to live as I would live?
Yet you choose to throw stones that do not belong to you,
making judgements as if you sinned not.
Listen now for your very actions break my heart.
I did not create you for this.
I look into your hearts
and see those with no god
that yet live with more love.
Who have you become?
You are not higher or more righteous
than he that outwardly sins,
for you have already sinned from within your heart.
Seek me to purify your hearts, eyes, and minds,
for stones are meant for building,
not to use as weapons amongst your brother.
Judgement has no place for you to cast,
so leave it behind, or will find yourself being left behind.
How do you expect to grow nearer to me with such impurities?”

(Unedited and received on January 13, 2012)


2 thoughts on “The Stone is Not Yours to Throw

  1. This breaks my heart… who are we to judge someone based off of something a ridiculous as clothing? And to the point that they’ve harassed someone so much that they want to die?! Like you said, where is the love that we’ve been commanded to bestow upon others? Please let him know that he is so loved by Yah, and even though I don’t know him that I also love him, and that he is worthwhile and beautiful.

  2. This post is especially poignant for me, as I am working in breaking away from an abusive relationship. I have been called so many names and been beaten down emotionally. Funny thing is, the more you are beaten down the easier it becomes to beat down the other person because you are angry. It’s the vicious cycle of domestic violence. I am praying desperately that God will break the chains that Satan has so tightly wrapped around me so that I may be free from abuse and anger….free to let God’s love fill me up. We hear all the time that God is all we need and that he can fulfill our empty souls, but that is a tough concept to grasp. I’ve always desperately sought after mans’ approval, but it has left me empty, hurt, and unfulfilled. Words sting and they have the ability to break us…so much more than a physical wound or broken bones. Those judgmental and harsh words can ring in our minds for life. I have a picture on my Facebook page of a little boy crying with a hand made of words choking his neck. I think of that picture often and I pray that my hands will be to hug and hold, not judge and hurt.

    Thank you very much for your blog. It’s very inspiring. You have an incredible story!! God bless!!

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