40 Days of Honor Continues, til Death Do I Part

The 40 Days of Honor Campaign that began on Ash Wednesday has been quite the challenge I’ve never taken before.  The challenge was to choose someone that has influenced or impacted my life each day, and to honor them by posting youtube videos, writing them letters, and posting notes and statuses on facebook.  Some people even started blogs to express their honor!

The idea was that we all have people that have played roles in us becoming who we’ve become, and those people deserve to be honored.  Honestly, I want the world to know how much I am thankful for those that have poured into me.  Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am and who I am still becoming.

The idea started when I went to my high school vice principal’s funeral, where I heard people share how much the late Don Evans had meant to them. My frustrations burned as I asked myself, “Why do we wait til someone die’s before we tell them these things?”  I am just as guilty, so I made the commitment to honor someone daily for Lent, before it was too late.

A late Irish friend and pastor, Derrick Bingham, stirred this passion in me a few years ago as he shared his letters to those he loved and honored.  He said, “If only one person would be inspired by this letter, then it has served its purpose.”  I want to write like Derrick Bingham and to inspire, even if its only one person, and may they feel honored and loved as well!

I made lists, and each day I would pray about who to honor and why.  God really stretched me to dig about people, to speak more than just words of flattery, but to speak words of depth and truth.  I wanted to find words that brought honor to the people on my list.  I want to write letters that people will feel so loved by it, they could never throw it away, since they deserve to know how much they impacted my life.  We are meant to honor and love others above ourselves.

It was beautiful to see how many people felt so loved when someone posted a video, note, facebook status, or blog about them. I read about and even heard the healing tears of joy when they were honored.  It became a ripple effect of people feeling loved because they were shown love, remembered, honored, and encouraged.

I have decided that even though the 40 Days is now over, that I am committing to do this for the rest of my life, and to do it with joy, not out of obligation.  I am committing to see the depth in people, to encourage that in them, and to believe in them.

Thank you for everyone that participated by honoring people throughout the lenten season.  I hope that you not only found yourself to be blessed, but more importantly, that the ones you honored felt the honor and love.  May that love and honor never stop.


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