To See Her Freedom


Freedom, happiness, and faithfulness are far and distant words
disappearing in the mist as she accepts the lies
that she means nothing.

The beautiful Birds of Paradise that represent freedom. Thank you Andy!

She has already accepted that no one could ever truly love her.
She feels she cannot escape this world of lies of which she lives.
She believes she has no worth or nothing to offer but her body.
She lives as if she is owned.

These lies she believes are what angers me and fuels my passion for the real motivation of why I competed in The Arnold Classic this past weekend. She doesn’t know that freedom, happiness, and faithfulness are tangible. These girls are also known as victims of human trafficking. They are brought into large events that attract thousands of people such as The Arnold and the super bowl.

Training for The Arnold didn’t have as much priority as raising awareness to stop child sex trafficking. Working with with designing, promoting, and even making my first website to sell tee shirts to donate all proceeds to took precedent.

As the pressures grew heavier and exhausting, I received a special delivery. I literally screamed to see the beautiful display of Birds of Paradise that awaited in my bedroom with a card that read,

“Birds of Paradise that represent freedom. Freedom from sin, freedom from the past, and freedom from slavery that these girls are in that you are representing.”

Thats exactly what is meant for those girls. Freedom. Freedom from sin, freedom from the past, freedom from slavery, freedom from deceit, freedom from lies believing she is unworthy, freedom from a world of lies, freedom from believing she’s only good for her body, freedom from being owned, and freedom from being controlled.

Purchase shirts at to raise awareness and donate all proceeds to Thank you for all your hard work!

We all pray for her to have freedom in truth, freedom in feeling she belongs, freedom to know she is loved, freedom to believe she is worthy, freedom that she can start over, freedom that she can live, and freedom that she can walk without that industry despite what her pimps tell her.  Freedom to be exactly who she is created to be.  Freedom to become herself, to love herself, and to love others.  Freedom to learn what love truly is.  Freedom to forgive those that hurt her, and freedom to be healed.  Freedom to receive a new heart and freedom to be as she is meant to be.

Help her see, touch, and live the freedom she is meant to live.  Get involved.

Video from the day before the competition:


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