Monsters Within

There is a monster inside everyone waiting for its chance to devour you. Are you feeding it and making stronger?

You have choices with everything. Are you feeding the the despairs of hell or the redemption of heaven?

Are you feeding the bad or the good?

Are you feeding jealousy or are you feeding forgiveness and grace?

Are you feeding doubt or are you feeding faith?

Are you feeding empty words of flattery or are you feeding substantial words of depth and honor?

Are you feeding your claim of independence or are you feeding the desire for more of God’s Spirit within you?

Are you feeding the drama queen or are you feeding the peacemaker?

Are you feeding the lazy sloth or are you feeding ambition and goals?

Are you feeding the victim to always feel sorry for yourself or are you feeding the overcomer?

Are you feeding the monster of deciet and lies or are you feeding, desiring, and listening to truth?


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