Awaken My Soul

Holy Spirit Come.
Breathe your life
Breathe your spirit
Awaken my soul.

May I crave for yours
For I am thirsty for You.
To be drenched in Your presence.
To be saturated by You.

Overwhelm me.
For I want you.

The thickness of Your Spirit
overrides the thinness of my selfishness.

Say “no more, be gone.”
Remove that part of me.
Remove all of me.

Thread in me the life of You.
The very essence of me
worships You, bows before You.

Why do I live selfishly to gain from You?
Wanting you always to change me for Your good.
But God, teach me to learn YOU.

To live to bless YOU.
To live to worship YOU.
Not to gain anything by it,
not character, not hopes,
not promises, not inspirations,
not emotional butterflies
or any other experience.

I want to serve You.
To bring You delight.
To make You smile.
To fight for You.
To humbly live for You.
To confidently live for You.

Written 6.12.08


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