40 Days of Honor

I attended a calling hour service on Sunday and waited in line for at least an hour to pay my respects and condolences.  Not at all complaining about the time, but I found it to be a beautiful thing to see how influential this man has been his entire life to attract so many people.

During that time of waiting, I felt like I was in line for a ride at Cedar Point because I kept passing the same people over and over again, hearing pieces of their conversations.  They spoke of how they were connected to Don Evans that I knew in high school as an amazing Vice Principal and was highly influential on his students.  I also considered his daughter, Becca, to be a dear friend as we grew up together over the years playing sports.

As I listened to people talk about Mr. Evans, I couldn’t help but become frustrated and it sparked a sense of urgency within me.  Wouldn’t he want to be told these things while he was still alive? Wouldn’t anyone want to hear how they have influenced you?

Why is it that we wait until the funeral to speak with others how much someone has influced you or how much you respected them?  Why wait to honor someone?  Wouldn’t someone wish to be honored during the days of their life before the day of their funeral?

I’ve been praying about what to do for Lent starting tomorrow night, and I am dedicating each day to honor someone that has influenced me for the next 40 days.

And honestly, I want to challenge you to do the same.  We all have people in our lives that have been a part of shaping us into the very being we are now, and the least we can do is honor them.  To be blunt: do it now, and do it before you are just another person in line at calling hours talking about how great that person was and you never told them.

Love them today.  Forgive them today. Cherish them today. And may the world hear how amazing this person is through your voice.  Ask them to forgive you.  Be encouragement, speak hope, and put love into action.  Celebrate life and live it, for it is a gift.  Make the most of your opportunites to love, honor,  respect,  encourage, uplift,  and speak truth.


7 thoughts on “40 Days of Honor

    1. Remember forgiveness is for YOU, Not them. Start with easier ones to just let them know how big of an impact they’ve been on you. Write them a letter or post video’s to celebrate their lives. Sometimes we wait until its too late and then all you would say then is that you wished you told them what they meant to you.

  1. Dawn what a wonderfull idea i absolutly agree and accept this long overdue challenge. Im starting with my amazing selfless mom who through her sacrifices made me the woman i am today. So thankyou for inspiring me and godbless you!

    1. Wow what a great way to start!! Post a video on fb so we all can watch it! I too have overlooked this for too long and this lent season I’m committing to it! Life is too short and often taken for granted. Bless you too and have fun celebrating peoples lives!

  2. What a great idea for Lent Bailey! It will definately be a challenge to remember that our lives here on earth aren’t possible with out the help of others, and to not focus solely on yourself. I will take on this challenge too as my lental lift was lacking this year!

    Thanks for your inspiration!

  3. WOW what a great IDea… I am going to take this challenge not just got myself, but to show others how much they have meant to me… thanks for this… hope your 40 days works well~

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