Wheelchair to Fitness Show!

From the homeless man to the billionaire, from the lunatic to the brilliant: we all have a story. Mine is still in the making and forever will be. When my memories start out weighing my dreams, thats when I begin to die.

And thats not about to happen anytime soon.

Hair and make up. Check.

Last night I did my very first fashion show. It wasn’t just any ordinary fashion show, but it was put together by the loving heart of Lindsay Yates. It was a fabulous fundraiser to give all proceeds to Mercy Response for natural disasters. Absolutely amazing to see Lindsay’s heart continue to pour out love and patience even during the craziest of times as she’s been planning for months.

It was a true honor to be part of a good cause, to say the least. I thanked Lindsay for asking me to be part of this, and in the midst of the hustle and bustle of setting up, she responded, “I knew I wanted to find the right people with pure hearts to be part of this.” She left me speechless to seek us all out by purity of one’s hearts motivations, not external beauty. Thankful for that woman’s heart to be the change she wants to see in the world, and I’m honored just to be there.

We love our amazing Lindsay!

I got to wear heels for the very first time in eleven months. For Christmas last year, Mom bought me the pair of heeled booties that Kara and I wore down the runway. Praying for strength in each and every step, and internally rejoicing that I made each and every step! Thanks Mom, I finally got to wear your Christmas present!

In case we haven’t met yet, I’ve either been in a wheelchair, scooter, or crutches from January to August, and now waiting to have both ankles fused. My snowboarding accident (video coming soon!) left me at the mercy of others. Wheelchair and sponge baths for three months, then crutches and then a surgery to keep me on crutches longer. I decided to train for a fitness competition because I’m not about to let my injuries set me back. Too often people use injuries, asthma, having babies, even gall bladder surgery, stubbed toe, etc; as an excuse to not live a healthy life. I know my injuries were quite serious, but it could have been worse, and it wasn’t going to take over my life. Excuses are always there if people keep looking for them, and they are not about to take over me.

So I made a phone call and started working out with a personal trainer while I was still on my crutches. By the time my doctor cleared me to walk, my legs were so weak and atrophied from nearly nine months of being sedentary that when I first did lunges, I had bruises all over my legs from small muscle tears. These are thankfully gone and about to do my very first fitness show in 6 days!

I have been eating clean on a very strict time schedule for the past three months, doing cardio six days a week, and lifting weights three days a week. One huge lesson I learned through the diet plan of a fitness show is to be thankful. I found myself getting so cranky that I ate the same thing everyday. I realized how ungrateful I became through my complaining and began asking God to give me more of a thankful heart.

And my story will continue;)


3 thoughts on “Wheelchair to Fitness Show!

  1. I just met Bailey and I’m impressed with her on a number of levels. Now that I ‘get to know her’ by reading this latest entry in her blog, I feel like there’s a simmering (gentle?) volcano on the verge of something BIG! So, watch out y’all! Here comes Big Heart, Big Love, Big Dreams and Big Co-Creator Doing Her Thing, only temporarily on hold because of a wee mishap with the ankles… (um, OUCH!)
    Anyway, Rainbows of Multi-Prismatic Healing Light fills you, Goddess!

    You are healed you are complete you are sacred you are awesome.

    And it shows!

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