Training it all!

Starting to get antsy with my healing process as I have yet to go another three weeks on crutches. It’s been eight months of healing, rehab, and surgery since my NorAm boardercross mistake at Mt Hood, Oregon. Although I am getting antsy, I hope and pray to make the most out of the moment I am in, to not worry about tomorrow, and to continue growing each day not just as a person, but closer to Christ.

On another note, I set an interesting goal. This one is new for me, but I decided to start training for my very first fitness competition that will take place in October! I have a great deal of work ahead of me to prepare, but I’m excited to have something new to train for. My trainer is amazing as she is working with my diet, cardio, rehab, and weight training in order to get extreme results in just two months. I’m impressed as she works with my limitations because remember, I am still on crutches for another three weeks and have been so sedentary these past eight months! Many critical exercises are eliminated due to my healing process, but its ok because it brings out the creativity of my trainer.

I don’t expect to win, but such training excites me. Today was my first day and my trainer, Kate, blasted my upper body and core. I am surprised I can actually type right now because my arms are limp! I followed the workout with a grapefruit and ten almonds until I get my next meal on a strict time schedule.

I need to be careful to not complain about my diet, intense workouts, or my slow healing process. Someone shared today that complaining is a sneaky enemy of faith and progress. Reading James 9.3, I aim to turn everything that was given to glorify God. Good or bad, even if I don’t understand it. That includes any heartache, my broken ankles, disciplined diets, and well, you get the point. ALL of it. I need Jesus to help me with my attitude, to not complain, to stay focused, and constantly asking him to renew my mind. Whether its my first fitness competition or some heavy revelation, he is my motivator and helps me to see the good in everything and corrects my perspective.


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