Baby Bird Faith

I don’t call myself a mystic.  God speaks, and more than anything, He is exactly what I want to hear, whether through His word or countless other ways.  Believe it or not, but God speaks beyond obvious billboards, great speakers, authors, or pastors.  Not discounting them, but not limiting God to only hearing through those avenues.  Don’t get me wrong, I love good sermons and books,  but what else do we do with what we are given? Give God some credit and let Him stretch you.

I call it Baby Bird Faith.  We all need to be there at one point or another, maybe for a long period of time, and some for all our lives.  Dig deeper, beyond, and build upon things we already know or what have been taught.  Baby birds can only survive by what momma birds chew up and regurgitate for them. One day we need to learn to fly and find our own food.

I awoke with another impression.  Someone gave me this beautiful peaceful dove as a gift.  I kept wondering if someone like me could take care of it. Argh! Responsibility! But wait, this dove was different and special.  While I didn’t know what to do with it, I kept it outside an old abandoned house for the first night. I was inside talking and through the top floor window I saw fire sparking outside.  I panicked because the flames were surrounding my dove.  I sprinted through the large house screaming “Fire! Someone get a hose!” I was the first one to the front deck where I picked up the hose laying near by to put out the flames.

Digging through the wood that was blackened by fire that became soaked with water, I found my dove laying underneath it all face down and limp. I gasped as I gently lifted its lifeless body from the rubbish. Doubting it could survive through flames and drowning, it slowly began to move.

I started to realize just how beautiful and special this bird really was.  It wasn’t just any bird, nor some Greek mythological bird, but it wasn’t of this world.  On the back of its neck fresh green leaves sprouted, and this dove carried her babies on her chest.  Describing it sounds so strange, but with my eyes, I saw new life.  And a dove that represented peace through fire and drowning did more than just survive it, but also new life came from it.

I don’t buy into those weird dream interpretation books, people hold onto those things like its the Holy Grail.  However, I do pray to remain sensitive to the Holy Spirit when he moves, sometimes its kinda in a weird way(like in this dream), and I’m cool with that.  This dove is supposed to be us.  No matter the fire, no matter how long we are under water, God brings forth new life, and its up to us to hold on to His truths.  More importantly, to hold onto Jesus.


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