Your love never fails.

Snowboarding, soaring through the air, and surfing a great wave are some of my greatest loves. However, more than those things and anything else, I love listening to God’s voice and to worship. Nothing makes me happier. Worship is not limited to simply standing in church, singing, and waiting upon His presence. That in itself is important, but also to truly let go of everything, placing it at the foot of the cross, not picking it back up, but trusting God, and especially LISTENING to Him. There is so much more to worship, but right now i am focusing on the listening aspect. He gives words of life and healing for reasons for us to listen to and respond to like an invitation, not for the sake of control.

God speaks love. That is His language, if only we would stop to listen more and give those very words back to Him. Hearing His voice is soaking in truth that motivates me and reminds me who I am. When I walk away from His truth of either of who He is or who I am, thats when things go wrong, unbalanced, and wander into forbidden doors that lead to destruction of my very being. So yes, I do love meditating on His word, and even the very words I feel like He speaks directly to me. He truly does speak in so many ways, if only we would listen and use those very words to worship Him, and bring those words back to Him in full, and not empty.

To be real, I literally felt like my heart was going through hell. I don’t know if there is anything else more painful than a broken heart. If there is, I don’t want to feel it. But this broken heart held onto God so tightly and my heart was so desperate, He finally had my full attention once again. This reminded me of a prophetic word that God spoke to me years ago about finally having the full attention of my heart that I forgot about:

“Can you tell me what you desire Me to do with your heart? You’ve trusted Me and walked faithfully and your heart is finally Mine. Yes, I wanted to change that, too. It is finally and completely directed to Me. It was your heart I was after. It is your heart that you now let Me hold and speak into. Now we can really commune heart to heart. Yes, dance before Me. Sing your love songs to Me. Dig your basement as you have asked Me to. I will be with you as you dig the depth of your foundation. I will refresh you and give you joy in digging. There is much more I have for you. But handle and grow in this for now. Concentrate on My joy. This is all part of who you are becoming.”

These words are so true because He totally and completely has my heart again, completely directed towards him. I went through things in order for Him to finally have my heart again. I lost sight of that, but you know what? This pain that felt like hell is what has turned my heart completely into his hands again. I truly trust that and where my heart is and the plans God has for it.

Yes, God, I will listen, and with these words I worship You.

A doodle in my journal.

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