In the moment, yeah, this one.

Spending the past seven months occupying a wheelchair, crutches, and even scooters unable to move forward financially (difficult to work) or to workout, has been good for me to pause and reflect on more positive perspectives. Although I am often bored, I am not missing out on life, but feel enriched! Sure, I am anxious to be hopefully walking soon, finally earning an income again, and to begin training, but I wont let that anxiety take over other my heart and mind. My circumstance is not my god. The moments I start to worry, I realize that God’s gotten me this far, so I don’t need to start freaking out now!

I have always been guilty of being too busy and buzzing through life. Simplicity was few and far between. A hard lesson learned by crushing both of my ankles to finally take this to heart and grow from it! My busyness and adventurous spirit must have been pretty obvious to receive comments when I started dating a guy. “Bailey, it takes you breaking both your legs to slow down enough for a guy!” Another said, “Poor guy, wait till she gets on her feet again!”

Is it odd to hear me say that I am thankful to be going through this? I have slowed down to listen. God has been working on my perspective on life and knowing Him in other ways beyond what I have grown to know(I will share more in next blog). You have seen in my last blog that I don’t need to be constantly ‘doing’ things for people to show I love them. To simply listen and engage in a genuine conversation is beautiful in itself.


2 thoughts on “In the moment, yeah, this one.

  1. I came across your blog by accident but am ever so glad I did. Hope you are blessed with a perfect and speedy recovery!

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