Modeling on crutches?

Here I am! It has been seven months since I made a painful mistake of leaving my boots untied before charging a 30-foot double-jump on a snowboard and I am still on crutches. With no support for the landing, both ankles were broken and crushed. And yes, I literally heard my own bones crush, but it was the the grace of God that kept my spirit from crushing.

I went through three months in a wheelchair, both legs in casts, and had to learn how to use both feet again in therapy. When my muscles gained strength, I was humbled when a specialized crane for rehab patients lowered me into a swimming pool so that I could learn to walk again. Each step was painful, but I was so thankful for it could have been much worse! Feeling sorry for myself doesnโ€™t get anybody anywhere!

June 29th I underwent a surgery that removed bone and implanted screws. I am healing, my left ankle is still a little fat from the surgery, and I am still on crutches, but I was so blessed when a professional photographer asked me to do a photo shoot! It was tricky on crutches, having to balance on one foot for three hours, but I had an absolute blast.

This is my first blog entry and have much to learn about organizing how to share my journey, the best part, is that Iโ€™ve felt God through it all.


11 thoughts on “Modeling on crutches?

  1. Iam loving it so far Bailey, I can’t wait to see what else is in that beautiful mind of yours ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Well, if this is what it’s going to take to keep up with you…so be it! I love you and miss you sooo much! Glad to hear you are healing. I continue to pray that God takes you to the place He wants you to be. I also pray that while you are on His journey, you continue to trust and seek Him.

    P.S. The photos are FANTASATIC! Give up that dangerous stuff, get a good christian manager and model! (Could that be where He is leading you?)

  3. what a touching story! its amazing what a simple photoshoot can do for someone. you are not alone on that one. and not only are you beautiful on the outside you are just a beautiful on the inside as well:) never lose faith

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