Modeling on crutches?

Here I am! It has been seven months since I made a painful mistake of leaving my boots untied before charging a 30-foot double-jump on a snowboard and I am still on crutches. With no support for the landing, both ankles were broken and crushed. And yes, I literally heard my own bones crush, but it was the the grace of God that kept my spirit from crushing.

I went through three months in a wheelchair, both legs in casts, and had to learn how to use both feet again in therapy. When my muscles gained strength, I was humbled when a specialized crane for rehab patients lowered me into a swimming pool so that I could learn to walk again. Each step was painful, but I was so thankful for it could have been much worse! Feeling sorry for myself doesn’t get anybody anywhere!

June 29th I underwent a surgery that removed bone and implanted screws. I am healing, my left ankle is still a little fat from the surgery, and I am still on crutches, but I was so blessed when a professional photographer asked me to do a photo shoot! It was tricky on crutches, having to balance on one foot for three hours, but I had an absolute blast.

This is my first blog entry and have much to learn about organizing how to share my journey, the best part, is that I’ve felt God through it all.


11 thoughts on “Modeling on crutches?

  1. Well, if this is what it’s going to take to keep up with you…so be it! I love you and miss you sooo much! Glad to hear you are healing. I continue to pray that God takes you to the place He wants you to be. I also pray that while you are on His journey, you continue to trust and seek Him.

    P.S. The photos are FANTASATIC! Give up that dangerous stuff, get a good christian manager and model! (Could that be where He is leading you?)

  2. what a touching story! its amazing what a simple photoshoot can do for someone. you are not alone on that one. and not only are you beautiful on the outside you are just a beautiful on the inside as well:) never lose faith

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